bisotoun steel laboratory

The laboratory of Bisotoun Iron and Steel Company was designed to provide services in the field of quality control of raw materials and products, as well as the research and development unit, among which the following can be mentioned:

Quantum experiment:

The optical spectrometer, which is called a quantometer, is one of the precise analysis systems for metals, which has the ability to identify alloys with high accuracy. In addition to qualitative analysis, this device also determines the percentage of alloy elements.

Refractory Materials Laboratory:

Refractory materials are analyzed after sampling to ensure their suitability for use or research. Among the tests related to refractory materials are: measurement of cold compressive strength, determination of particle size, measurement of percentage of chemical elements by chemical method, measurement of density.

Chemistry lab:

In this laboratory, the measurement of chemical elements in iron ore, sponge iron, ferrosilicon manganese, coal, and similar items is carried out by a chemical method.

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