What is research and development (R&D)?

R&D stands for “Research and Development”. This term refers to activities that are carried out in order to advance scientific and technological knowledge, improve products and processes, and initiate new initiatives in an organization or industry.

The research and development unit (R&D) in organizations and companies is responsible for conducting advanced research and developing new technologies. This unit, together with expert teams, using financial and human resources, tries to add new added values to the company’s products and services.

In the context of steel companies, research and development can include improving production processes, improving product quality, reducing costs, and developing new technologies. . These activities can play a very important role in advancing the steel industry and increasing the competitiveness of companies in different markets.

The importance of research and development in steel industries

1. Improving production processes: Research and development in steelmaking helps companies find better and more efficient ways to produce steel. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced production costs.

2. Cost reduction: Research and development can lead to optimization of production processes and reduction of production costs. This issue can have a direct effect on the price of steel products.

3. Increasing the quality of products: Research and development by combining technical knowledge and new technologies can improve the quality of steel products This can increase the trust of customers in the company.

4. Innovation in technologies: Research and development in steelmaking can lead to the innovation and updating of related technologies, which ultimately increases the competitive ability of companies in the market.

5. Development of new products: These activities allow the creation of new and diverse products in the steel industry, which can help expand the market and attract new customers.

6. Business sustainability and endurance: Research and development, by improving processes and technical initiatives, allows steel businesses to withstand market challenges and ensure their sustainability.

Research and development in Bisotoun steel complex

One of the most important activitiesOne of the most important activities of any company is always the production, monitoring of the products and the conditions governing that company in order to find new markets to increase the competitiveness and on the other hand to reduce the production costs and increase the reliability of the collection. In these conditions, the role of the research and development unit will be very effective.

According to the activities of this unit, which are based on the needs and problems in it, activities are always being carried out in order to increase the quality of the product, reduce failures, modify the production system, reduce emissions and things like It has been done and is being done. Bisotoun steel complex is always in need of change and modification due to its high sensitivity and harsh working conditions.

In this regard, activities have been carried out in recent years in the following departments:




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