Training and development

Training and development in Bisotoun Steel

Today, according to all experts and experts, education and learning of science as an inevitable social necessity has a special importance and place in the matter of macro development. In the past, it was considered that the time of learning was separate from the time of working, and therefore it was important for educational people that it was given before starting work.

Today, in all industries, human power is considered one of the most important components of that industry. In many industries, work accidents occur mainly due to the ignorance and insufficient skills of employees. In addition to the accidents that occur due to the lack of skills and knowledge of people, work waste and the increase in industry costs are also among the results of the lack of knowledge of manpower in industries. For this reason, the existence of a training unit in every industry is one of the requirements.

This training should be analyzed and its effectiveness in practice should also appear. In Bisotoun Steel company, with the emphasis of the senior management on training and preserving this treasure in the organization, a training unit has been established and several programs have been considered to improve the knowledge level of all personnel. . When hiring a new person in the company, the training unit, in coordination with the quality assurance units, conducts pre-service training steps, which include familiarization with administrative and disciplinary rules and regulations, safety and health principles, and familiarization with the work process, in the form of training booklets and on-site visits. he does. Based on the educational needs assessment form, the training unit prepares the list of technical and specialized trainings in cooperation with the supervisors of all units and registers them in the training calendar in specific time periods and organizes them internally and externally, and finally measures the effectiveness of the trainings in the form of designated forms. If sufficient effectiveness was not achieved for an individual, the training process will be repeated for the affected individuals to ensure the achievement of the result. The main goal of training in this company is not only to hold it, but also to preserve knowledge and transfer this knowledge among all personnel and other industries. For this reason, knowledge management strategy is one of the main goals of the organization.

Knowledge management is an organizational activity whose purpose is to create a social and technical environment in which knowledge can be produced and shared with others. In Bisotoun Steel company, knowledge management is controlled in various ways. . For example, at regular intervals with the help of all the managers and supervisors working in the processes of the organization, a list is prepared that includes the knowledge and science of the managers and supervisors. The training unit provides the conditions for transferring training to others in the company by inviting these loved ones at specific time intervals and this knowledge is kept as a reserve of the organization so that it can be provided to people in the necessary conditions.

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