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Getting to know Bisotoun Steel Company

Our history

Shokri Industrial Group was founded by Aziz Shokri in the 1930s and developed in the 70s. This group, after equipping the mechanized systems of the mosaic and stone crushing unit, which is 40 years old. took the initiative to develop it and establish the Azerbaijani Mosaic Company. . Among the other activities of this group in the 50s, we can mention the establishment of the Mina gloves factory and the establishment of Techno-Tarash as a manufacturer of industrial machines.

During the years of its activity, this industrial groupstarted to implement many production plans and set up industrial units with the aim of growing and developing the industry and creating productive employment, also in order to develop the country’s iron and steel industries and in line with the 20-year vision of economic development. and social, establishing Jahan Foulad Gharb companies (producer of beams, angles and studs with a capacity of 300,000 tons per year), Sima Foulad Jahan (with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of rebar), Jahan Sanat Kermanshah (with the aim of designing, construction, installation and operation of industrial machines), Bisotoun steel Complex and Jahan Bar Foulad in Kermanshah province, and besides the honor of attracting more than 1300 young people from Kermanshah province, it played a significant role in the employment of the province and solving the unemployment problem. It has succeeded in developing a logical relationship between companies

Our core values

Environmental responsibility

With a full understanding of the effects of steel production on the environment, we have always sought to adopt appropriate measures, including investing in approaches such as recycling, in order to reduce these effects.

Innovation and technology

By using advanced processes and equipment as well as using new technologies, we have made it possible to develop special products according to the specific needs of customers.

best quality

From the supply of raw materials to the production stages, strict quality control is used in all processes, and we always try to make the final product meet the expectations of customers.

Continue on our way

In the continuation of the development of the activities of this group, the dependence on the raw material (ingot) and the qualitative and quantitative problems surrounding it, prompted the managers of the company to establish Bisotoun steel Complex to complete the production chain and the administrative procedures of obtaining permits for the construction of the smelting plant.

This complex consists of three phases, the first phase of this complex with a capacity of 200,000 tons of steel ingots was opened by the then president on May 11, 2018. The second phase with the capacity to produce 150 thousand tons of sponge iron and the next phase to produce 12 megawatts of electricity per hour is being completed and it is expected to be fully operational this year.

The product of this complex is used as the raw material of the rolling unit and has prevented the annual departure of 160 million dollars of foreign currency from the country. In line with the development of rolling units, programs are being studied and reviewed, which will be implemented as soon as the conditions require.

The entire Shokri industrial-commercial complex works towards the realization of the goals of managers who believe that respecting consumer rights is a condition for progress and survival in the field of production, and these rights can be reached by improving quality and reducing prices. The dominant attitude in this group is development-oriented, and the most important issues of concern are based on compliance with environmental standards, employee training, use of modern technology, development and special attention to the R&D unit and conducting research in line with sustainable development. In addition to technical and production issues, managers of this complex also pay special attention to the creation of welfare facilities for employees.

It is hoped that in the coming years, in addition to completing the projects under construction, this group will be able to start new activities in line with the industrialization of Kermanshah province.

Achievements and honors

During several years of its extensive and continuous activity, which led to the completion of the production chain in Shokri Industrial Group, Bisotoun steel Company has been able to achieve considerable honors and achievements, and you can see some of these honors in this section.

Direct communication with the sales unit

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing your comments.

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