Sponge Iron Factory (DRI)

The construction of the DRI plant, which is for the direct recovery of iron by the SL/RN method, in the Bisotoun steel complex, started in 2017 on a land with an area of 50,000 square meters in the 5th kilometer of Harsin road, Kermanshah, and was put into operation in 2022. In this iron ore plant Hematite along with thermal coal is stored in material silos after crushing and granulation, and during the regeneration process, it turns into sponge iron. The amount of sponge iron production is 500 tons per day, which is 750 tons to produce this amount of product. Iron ore and 550 tons of coal are needed.

Product description and features and introduction of sponge iron

Sponge iron production method

Sponge iron, which is obtained from the direct regeneration of rock by removing chemical oxygen from pellets or mineral iron ore without the need for a smelting process, is the agent of thermal coal regeneration, the percentage of purity of iron in this product is 80 to 85%, which can It is a suitable source for the production of steel ingots and a suitable replacement for iron waste in smelting furnaces. This product is produced in the form of granules, according to the technology used in the production of sponge iron by the SL/RN method Some of the advantages of using this method of producing sponge iron are as follows.

Some of the advantages of producing sponge iron by SL/RN method are as follows.

The product produced in the smelting and casting factory

The sponge iron produced in this industrial unit, which is one of the best manufactured products in the country, is used in melting furnaces to be converted into steel ingots. The number of employees in this unit is 200 people who are in the production, maintenance and repair unit. , electricity and mechanics and administrative, financial and commercial parts are engaged in activities.

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