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ریخته گری شمش ذوب
Bisotoun Steel Company

At a glance

Shokri Industrial Commercial Group was founded by Aziz Shokri in the 50s decade and developed in the current century. This group, after equipping the mechanized systems of the mosaic and stone crushing unit, which is 40 years old. took the initiative to develop it and establish the Azerbaijani Mosaic Company. . Among the other activities of this group in the 50s, we can mention the establishment of the Mina gloves factory and the establishment of Techno-Tarash as a manufacturer of industrial machines.

Carrying out construction projects with the help of local companies and using local knowledge

Completing the production chain of steel products in Shokri Group

نیروگاه ذوب آهن بیستون مهر402 (6)

12 MW power plant

2018- ongoing

The 12 megawatt power plant of Bisotoun Steel Complex uses the heat output from the furnace, which produces electricity and clean energy.

تصفیه خانه


2019- Completed

The treatment plant unit of Bisotoun steel complex with a daily capacity of 100 m3 of storage and preparation for agricultural consumption and other industrial parts of the complex


DRI unit

2022- completed

DRI factory aims to directly recover sponge iron by SL/RN method with the capacity to produce 500 tons of sponge iron per day.

our team

Relying on the experience and knowledge of local forces

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High quality production for leading brands
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