Product of Bisotoun Steel Complex

Sponge iron

In this method, sponge iron is obtained from the direct reduction of hematite or Iron Pellet by reducing oxygen by reducing gas at a temperature lower than the melting point. The revival agent in this method is carbon monoxide gas produced by burning thermal coal


The percentage of iron purity in this product is 80 to 85%, which can be a suitable source for the production of steel ingots and a suitable substitute for iron waste in smelting furnaces. This product is produced in the form of granules. According to the technology used in Production of sponge iron by SL/RN method, some of the advantages of this production method are mentioned.

In the DRI plant of Bisotoun Steel Company, hematite iron ore along with thermal coal is stored in raw material silos after crushing and granulation, and it is converted into sponge iron during the recovery process. The production rate of sponge iron is 500 tons per year. Today, 750 tons of iron ore and 550 tons of coal are needed to produce this amount of product. The sponge iron produced in this industrial unit, which is one of the best products in the country, is used in smelting furnaces. It is used to convert into steel ingots.

Physical and chemical properties of sponge iron by SL/RN method

Advantages of sponge iron produced by SL/RN method

  • • Low carbon content of the product: this feature allows more charging in the melting furnace up to 90%.
  • • Saving energy consumption in the melting unit: due to the elimination of decarbonization due to the low carbon content of sponge iron.
  • • Increasing the efficiency of melting furnaces: due to more and continuous charging and high purity and low carbon.
  • • High purity of the product: due to the high purity, the amount of waste and slag is significantly reduced.
  • • Reducing the percentage of melting additives: Due to the presence of minerals in the iron ore lump (the raw material for the production of this product), it is possible to reduce the percentage of ferroalloys.
  • • Due to higher density, there is no need for Pusher device to charge in the furnace and charging is possible easily.
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