The final product of Bisotoun Steel Complex

Steel ingot

The steel ingot produced by Bisotoun Steel Complex is one of the most popular intermediate rolled steel products and it is produced with a square cross-section and can be used in the production of rebars and beams.
BisotounSteel Complex has the ability to produce all kinds of steel ingots in structural and alloy grades with different dimensions and standard analyses.

The most diverse products of Bisotoun Steel complex are in 5sp, 3sp and St52 steel grades.
The chemical analyzes of these steel ingot grades are as follows


C :    0.14 - 0.22%
Si :    0.15 - 0.30%
Mn :    0.40 - 0.65%


C :    0.28 - 0.37%
Si :    0.15 - 0.30%
Mn :    0.50 - 0.80%


C :    max : 0.22%
Si :    max : 0.55%
Mn :    max : 1.6%

The physical dimensions of the steel ingots of Bisotoun Steel Complex have different cross-sections, including: 100mm x 100mm, 125mm x 125mm, 150mm x 150mm, and 200mm x 200mm, which are cut with various lengths by the autocutter machine.
3sp ingots are mostly used in the production of rolling types of beams, corners, studs, etc.
5sp ingots are mostly used in the production of rolling all kinds of rebar, wire, and belts.
St52 ingots are mostly used in the rolling production of all kinds of industrial structure parts, such as in the construction of high pressure power towers, all kinds of transport and industrial metal bridges, and all kinds of industrial columns and steel structures with high mechanical stress tolerance.

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